Welcome to Kunmadarasi Kovács Tanya
Welcome to Kunmadarasi Kovács Tanya
Welcome to Kunmadarasi Kovács Tanya
Welcome to Kunmadarasi Kovács Tanya
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Our goal is to create a farmhouse, a so-called rural inn that befits the County’s policy for value tourism. We had in mind to introduce to our guests village traditions and customs.

About tourism

Tourism, which is the world’s leading industry, is nowadays also receiving special attention in Hungary. The role of the sector in the national economy is of paramount importance; it is accountable to the economic recovery and job creation and is one of the main instruments of rural development. Tourism is performing extremely well in Hungary, with a steady increase in the number of visitors and the number of nights spent by visitors. The National Development Agency is targeting 50 million nights as of this year.

Magyarország turizmusa kiemelkedően jól teljesít, folyamatosan növekszik a vendégek és az általuk eltöltött vendégéjszakák száma, az Nemzeti Fejlesztési Ügynökség terveiben a cél 50 millió vendégéjszaka.


Features of the Kovács Farmhouse

Located in the former State Farm in Kunmadaras, the building has four rooms of 312 square feet, each with a bathroom of almost 54 square feet, and a shared kitchen of 215 square feet. The rooms have been designed to accommodate people with reduced mobility, so one of the rooms has been specially adapted for that purpose. The rooms are double rooms, each room can accommodate an extra bed. Future plans include the renovation of a second building of the same type, which will double the number of beds. A barbeque area will be built in front of the building, and a playground featuring logs, a pool, a shared garden kitchen, as well as a lake designed for swimming next to the wedding venue are also in the pipeline.

4 db 29m2 szoba

5m2 fürdőszoba

Közös használatú 20m2 konyha

Mozgáskorlátozottak számára kialakítva


Main tourist attractions in the area

In active tourism, priority is given to horse riding, cycling and water related activities, while heritage tourism includes preserving local culture and gastronomy. Our target groups are families with children and young and middle-aged couples, young people without children, i.e. typically couples over 18, as well as groups of friends. In my opinion, these two categories are the ones who prefer to spend their money on traveling, look for easily accessible, affordable places and appreciate entertainment opportunities.

  • Kunmadaras: sport and pleasure-flights; motorcycle drag racing
  • Berekfürdő: beach and spa; permanent exhibition on the “Secrets of the Soviet airport”
  • Karcag: Nagykun visitor centre; windmill
  • Tisza Lake: Outdoor Opera House; Tisza Lake water walk in Poroszló; Tisza Flower floodplain walk, Eco Centre, and boat trips on the Tisza Lake
  • Hortobágy National Park: guided and individual walking, cycling and horse riding tours
  • Tiszaszentimre: Rés László fishing and disc shooting
  • Tiszaszőlős: programmes offered by the Traditional Preservation and Sports Association
  • Tiszaörvény: Pet farm horse riding and horseback riding
  • Gastronomic events: The Karcag Sheep Cooking Festival, and the Tisza Lake Brass Festival
  • Tiszafüred Fish Days

Spending time on the farm

Our guests are welcome to our accommodation with breakfast prepared from our own produce or from local farmers.

Following our guests’ request, we gladly prepare dinner or a barbecue for our guests, moreover there is a possibility to organize a pig slaughter. Guests can collect eggs in the poultry yard, take part in the care of our menagerie, and enjoy a tour of the farm on our own “Puszta-bus”, where they can observe the farm in action.


Camping and learning about farming, team-building events

We are happy to host camps for young people who want to learn about farming; moreover, we can also provide a venue for companies organizing team-building events, including additional activities such as horse shows, archery and horse riding.


A wonderful wedding venue

Our farm is the ideal venue for weddings, just let us manage the professional organization of your dream wedding including professional marquee, catering and photography. We have full capabilities to plan and provide outdoor wedding services for countryside lovers.

Birdwatching and discovery of nature

Birdwatching in the Hortobágy is available at any time of the year. A friend of ours, former, now retired ranger from the National Park shall provide professional guided tours including fascinating stories for those invested in the adventure.


We look forward to hearing from you!


+36 30 353 6232 (KOVÁCSNÉ Hajnal Viktória)




5321 Kunmadaras Kovács tanya

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